Hi, I’m Caroline, a runner, foodie, and boarding school student. There are so many healthy living blogs out there and I think what sets mine apart is that I am a competitive distance runner (I will be running in college, though I do not know my exact plans at the moment) and that I attend a New England boarding school. So a lot of my posts will be geared towards those more unique aspects of my life. I hope you find them interesting.

I have been running cross country and outdoor track since eighth grade and I have focused mostly on the 5K (cross country) and 3000m (track). My PRs in those events are 18:22 and 10:35. I want to break 18:00 in the 5K and 10:20 in the 3000m. You will hear plenty about that come track season!

My primary academic interests are science and classics. I want to be a researcher and I am interested in nutrition, sports medicine, and endocrinology. This past summer, I did an internship in a biology lab at a local university. I got to do a lot of independent work treating breast cancer cells with chemotherapy drugs. If you want to know more about my summer project, email me at xcbaz@live.com.

When it comes to food, there are lots of different viewpoints on blogs out there. I would call myself a flexitarian because I do eat meat occasionally. However, I rarely have cravings for it, I never eat it more than once a day, and I often go without eating it at all. I don’t feel like this is retrictive because I think a lot of vegetarian dishes are just WAY more creative, appealing, and tasteful. They also can be full of some super-healthy complex carbs and fats, essentials for runners!

If I feel the need, I can go into more detail by adding pages to this, but since I have a pretty young blog now, I will just leave it at this. Hope you enjoyed your visit!


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