December 2, 2009

Holiday Wishes

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I just sent my holiday list to my parents. Here are the things I asked for:

  • A new CAMERA. I need this to capture the memories from senior year and to blog. For now, I will probably be relying on the webcam on my computer to take photos. Yeah, so if photos are crappy now, just hold on until Christmas. Sorry people! I am thinking of the Nikon Coolpix S640 in Precious Pink. I know it might not take the best pictures but it looks awesome and is portable.

COOLPIX S640 26182

Nikon Coolpix S640

  • A variety pack of Larabars. Have you noticed that most stores tend to stock these bars in the following order? 1. Peanut Butter Cookie; 2. Apple Pie; 3. Pecan Pie; 4. Chocolate Coconut Chew; 5. Cashew Cookie. Not to hate on these flavors because they are some of my favorites but what about an awesome Gingersnap (one of my favorites) or Cocoa Mole (I’ve been dying to try)?? I asked for a variety pack of Jocalats!

[lar-000062.jpg] - Ginger Snap

Gingersnap Larabar…♥

  • Subscription to the journal written by the American College of Sports Medicine. I read a lot of primary research for my internship this summer and I want to keep reading it. I think that since sports medicine is right in my area of interest, this will be a good idea.

What do you guys think of these gifts? Did I pick the right camera/Larabars? What’s on your lists?


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